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Acorn Rage 3# Drop N Block
Deer are naturally attracted to the sound of dropping acorns so what better way to attract deer than..
Buck Jam
Buck Jam is a juicy gel-like mineral lick that is jam full of sweet fruit flavors and minerals. Buck..
Bucklicker Salt Blocks
Five irresistibly flavored mineral blocks, repackaged with an extra punch of calcium and phosphorous..
C'mere Deer
C'Mere Deer stops'em in their tracks. Now you can turbocharge your feeder. A revolu-tionary deer att..
C'mere Deer 3 Day Harvest
3-Day Harvest has been scientifically formulated and field-tested under real hunting conditions. 3-D..
C'mere Deer Shake n Take
Shake n' Take a very unique blend of grains, plants, beans, legume, and root extracts. Making one mo..
Deer Co-cain Black Magic 4.5#
Black Magic with Deer co-CainBlack Magic is a premium formulation with more mineral & flavor attract..
Deer Co-Cain Liquid Gallon
Ready to use Deer Co-Gain.1-Gallon...
Evolved Harvest Exceed 11lbs
A one, two, three punch of plants combine to produce a food plot that can withstand forage pressure ..
Greens N Raged 5#
Extreme green attraction. Like having a food plot in a bag, this processed supplement is made of rea..
Harvest Buckn Oats 9.5lbs
Buck' n Oats is a forage oats food plot mix with the bonus of high protein, faster growing Chicory. ..
Harvest PH Meter
The best way to ensure your plants reach their full potential is by determining if you have the prop..
Heartland 1/4Ac Plot Protect
Shake-Away Inc. believes this revolutionary product to be the best deer repellent on the market toda..
Heartland 25# Succotash Mix
High attraction and nutrition for both early and late season hunting. ..
Heartland 4.5# Forested Trlblnd
Very shade tolerant mix of perennial clovers designed for trails. ..

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