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GrizzlyStik Sitka Blazer Arrows $129.95
Availability: Usually ships in 2-4 business days
Free Shipping! (US only)

Package of 6

Vanes - Our precision factory finished tapered GrizzlyStik arrows with vanes come hand fletched with 2" Blazer vanes with a white cock vane, chartreuse hen vanes, chartreuse and white cresting wrap, 72 grain brass point inserts and tunable white nocks.

The Sitka is the latest addition to the GrizzlyStik arrow shaft line and is designed to fill the demand of bowhunters who shoot lighter draw weight bows but still want a moderately heavy arrow.

With its wide static spine deflection, they shoot like darts out of 40# to 55#+ bows.

Finished Sitka arrows weigh in at approximately 430 to 530+ grains including 125 to 155+ grain heads.

The Sitka ,full length at 32.5" BOP, comes with brass point inserts and push-in, tunable white nocks.

The GrizzlyStik is an incredibly strong, heavy, hunting arrow shaft that was developed and designed to do one thing very well...and that is to lethally penetrate game animals for a quick, humane kill.

The momentum that can be delivered by a heavy hunting arrow is proven and simple (English war arrows made the armored French knight obsolete) but the design of the GrizzlyStik is simply state of the art.

You might say that the GrizzlyStik goes beyond bad to the bone.
The GrizzlyStik arrow is designed to be "Bad.....Through The Bone."

Continuous Taper Technology

Slow motion photography proves that when an arrow is shot out of a bow, it bends and flexes. The sudden acceleration that causes the bending is called the archer's paradox. Draw weight, shaft and point weight also play an important part in this bending. The quicker an arrow can straighten out from the paradox the less drag it has.

The GrizzlyStik, because of its continuous taper design, has less weight on the rear portion of the arrow enabling it to quickly straighten out from this bending.

However, very little thought is given to what happens to an arrow when it decelerates as when striking a target. The reverse happens. Now, however, the bending takes place in animal tissue, and this bending causes friction...drag...which slows penetration.

The GrizzlyStik, because of its lighter tail weight, straightens out much more quickly when it accelerates and decelerates resulting in less drag and therefore greater penetration.
Also, the widest and strongest part of the GrizzlyStik is directly behind the point, which results in less shaft failure. When the shaft breaks, penetration stops.
In addition, if bone is hit and penetrated, the GrizzlyStik continues to get smaller. Less bone friction results in greater potential penetration.

Wide Spine Range

Because of the continuous taper of the shaft, the GrizzlyStik has the widest spine ranges available in the carbon arrow market. Of course, this spine range is dependent on the type of bow used, (longbow, recurve or compound) the arrow length and the point weight of the arrow.

Generally, the Sitka is designed for bows in the 40-55 pound range. The Alaskan, 50-65 pound range and the Safari, 60 to 100+ pounds of draw weight.

Extreme Forward of Center (EFOC)

GrizzlyStik is the only arrow shaft with a built in EFOC, which is proven to significantly increase lethal penetration by up to 15%. Secondly, EFOC along with the continuous taper design instantly stabilizes arrow flight for improved accuracy.

The broadhead and the first third of the shaft...pulls...the arrow through the animal tissue rather than the arrows shaft pushing the broadhead. Pulling is much more efficient.

Critical Mass

The GrizzlyStik shaft is designed to maximize arrow momentum by allowing the bowhunter to build arrows in the 10 grains of total arrow weight per pound of bow draw weight. Simply put, the Sitka can be made into a finished arrow weighing 400 - 600 grains, the Alaskan, 500 - 700 grains and the Safari, 700 - 1000+ grains.

Multi-Directional Woven Carbon

The GrizzlyStik is the only hunting arrow to use the Multi-directional Woven Carbon. Other arrow shafts manufacturers use linear carbon fiber that is wrapped in multiple layers, similar to a sheet of plywood. These ply's can delaminate and fracture on hard frontal impact. The GrizzlyStik structural design is similar is steel reinforced concrete.

Custom Shaft Inserts

The GrizzlyStik arrow shafts come with custom brass point inserts and push-in, tunable nocks.

Package of 6

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I received my order yesterday July 31 , Thank you , This was my first time dealing with your company...

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