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#2S Serving .018 Black 100yd Spool
2 ply Spectra-tough and durable. Approximate breaking strength/diameter: 60lbs/.018". Approximat..
BCY #2X Serving
All #62XS serving is a blend of polyester and Spectra/ Dyneema, giving higher durability, greater..
Durable blend of HMPE and VectranWill Not Stretch or Creep155 lb Breaking Strength12 Strand/String..
BCY 452X Bowstring
67% SK75 Dyneema, 33% Vectran. Half the strand size of 450 Plus. Slightly higher arrow speed. More s..
BCY 8125
In a finished string, this material has the same strength as DynaFLIGHT '97, but the smaller diamete..
BCY Crossbow Serving
100% braided Spectra. Breaking strength of approximately 175 lb. Tightly braided to improve grip. Di..
BCY Halo Braided Serving
High tenacity braided Spectra suitable for end or center serving in .019" and .024". Highest Dura..
BCY Polygrip Braided Center Serving
Polygrip braided center serving features high tenacity with good abrasion resistance. ..
BCY Trophy Bowstring Material
Gore Performance fibers to give all the features of 452X and more Increased durabilityTotal stabilit..
Besherse Brothers Lazer HP Traditional Strings
Built to last Traditional HP strings use Astro Flight string material, durable D1end loop serving an..
Besherse Brothers Premium Flemish Longbow Strings
These hand-made Flemished bowstrings could make the difference in your hunting performance. These st..
Besherse Brothers Premium Flemish Recurve Strings
B-50 Dacron, 16-strand. Monofilament center serving. Green and Black Use a 12 strand string for ..
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Brownell Astro Flight Bowstring Material
Next generation Bowstring Material No Creep 20% Stronger Fastest Arrow Speed Durable Stable Sof..
Brownell Cable Fix
An ongoing problem with serving separation on the lower cam cable now has a solution. Cable fix will..
Brownell Dacron B-50 1/4lb
Synthetic superiority with excellent abrasion resistance, durability and consistency. 4,460 ft/lb, ...

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