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About Youth Compound Bows

About Youth Compound Bows
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Our Youth Compound Bows are just what you need that young fast growing archer.  The Genesis compound bow, developed by Mathews Archery, is a bow designed for many kids to shoot.  No draw stop means a non-draw specific compound bow that can be drawn to any spot in the draw curve and shot.  One child can shoot, hand it off to another with no problem.  In fact the larger Genesis bows will fit the whole family. 


Another alternative to the Genesis bow is the Browning Discovery compound. This two cam bow also has no letoff and no draw stop giving it the same versatility as the Genesis, but in a different look and size. If the bow is not going to be shared, we have many very nice youth compound bows that rival the quality of their adult counterparts.  Alpine and Browning both have machined youth compound bows that lack nothing but the weight.  A wide draw range makes these bows useable for years by your youth. 

Ye Olde Archery Shoppe also carries a full line of youth recurve bows.  Recurve bows keep shooting simple, with usually just a stick and string.  Young kids love to just pull back and fling arrows, not having to worry about the technical aspects.  Keeping them interested in the sport is the most important thing to keep in mind at the younger ages.  Without archery sights, archery releases and arrow rests, just nocking up an arrow and shooting keeps the action fast and fun.  It will not be long and they will be hitting the bullseye anyway, as kids have a remarkable knack of catching on to barebow traditional archery.  Ye Olde Archery Shoppe is your source for youth archery equipment and clothing. 

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