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From our founder, Jerry Huff of G&H Outdoors LLC.

Who is Jerry Huff?

I will have to say I am one of the most blessed men living today!   I have always hunted and after an old friend of mine introduced me to archery nothing has been the same.  I thought it could not get any better than that.   

Boy was I wrong! Like most of us, I enjoyed being at the deer camp with my buddies drinking a few and having a good time.   But for some reason my life was a mess.   The more involved I got in hunting & having a good time, the worse my relationship with my wife was getting.   Ever been there?   Of course I did the manly thing and blamed it on her!   I was having a good time; she was the one that was miserable.

After years of this roller coaster ride life I was living, I felt as though my life was at the bottom of the pit.   I asked God to help me get out of this pit and show my wife what was wrong with her.   That's when God began to show me that I was a lost alcoholic.   Then God changed my life!   He saved me not only from the pits of hell but from the miserable life my wife & I had been living.   It's funny but, the more I changed the better she got.   I had not ever realized the gold nugget that God had given me for a wife.
I got really involved in church doing what ever I could to learn more and more about God.   And at this time I was working at Texas Department of Criminal Justice (long word for Prison).   After a few years trying to figure out what God wanted me to do. I looked around me at all the prisoners who were so much like I was, except maybe God stopped me from going as far as they did.   I began witnessing to them and one day the Chaplin asked if I could fill in for him & preach one night.   I had no idea that this night would set me in the direction that God had called me.   After preaching that sermon that night, I knew that Prison Ministry is what God wanted me to do.    Faith Prison Ministries was born!   Our church, Faith Baptist Church of Madisonville, ordained me as a prison evangelist in January of this year. 

You may be asking your self what's this got to do with archery?   God does not give us a love for something that can not used for His glory.   Because of my love for archery, I started Ye Olde Archery, not knowing that this would eventually turn into a full time job which would enable me to do what God had called me to do.    Ye Olde Archery Shoppe now supports Faith Prison Ministries and allows me to go and preach at the prisons & tell these guys that there is hope with God in their life. 

I hope no matter what your situation is; that if you want to talk about archery or especially if you want to talk about God's Grace, you will give me a call.   I want to thank everyone who has helped Ye Olde Archery Shoppe grow and ask you to pray for Faith Prison Ministries.


From our owner, Scott Gingerich.

When I joined Ye Olde Archery Shoppe eight years ago I expected to cover my archery and hunting costs.  It seems trivial now.  What I did not know is that we would be able to help support Faith Prison Ministries, Air1 Radio and other faith based charities through the success of Ye Olde Archery Shoppe.  It really puts into perspective our small daily issues that we seem to get hung up on.  

Computers and archery are my favorite two hobbies. Being able to combine the two here at the Ye Olde Archery Shoppe is a wonderful opportunity.   Doing so while helping to support a greater mission gives it a sense of worth that it otherwise could not have.

Thank you to our customers who make this possible. 

Scott Gingerich

2006 photo of Jerry Huff (left) and Scott Gingerich (right)

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