Choose your Fletching Color


Here at Ye Olde Archery Shoppe, we want you to be able to build your arrows exactly the way you want them.          

If you would like to choose your fletching color, follow these steps and we will do our best to get you the colors you wanted.

First, make sure the color you want is an option. If you go to Arrow Building -> Fletching you will find the fletching types that we use as arrow building fletch. If the color is listed there, we should be able to use it.

When you are checking out before you pay you will find a comment box. In the comment box, tell us your fletching color choices and specify for which shafts if you are buying more than one dozen. Example would be "Please fletch the X-Cutter Pro's with two White hen fletch and the cock with Flo Green. 

As long as the fletching colors are in stock, we will use your colors. We will not hold up an order because a color is on backorder UNLESS you specifically state to hold for backordered fletching colors. Most of our customers want their orders filled as fast as possible, as I do.

Note: We cannot do this with nock colors because we must take what the manufactures give us, but we usually have a few colors to choose from and almost always have nocks that match!

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