Measuring Traditional Strings

Our recurve strings are sold by actual length, not AMO bow length.  

For the correct string length, first check your bow.  It may have the AMO bow length listed on a limb.  If so, use this length as a starting point, then subtract the correct amount. (see below) 

If no length can be found, you can measure an existing string, or measure your bow.  

To measure the AMO length of your bow,  measure your unstrung bow from one limb string groove to the other across the back side of the limbs and the ack side of the bow.  Do not go into the grip area, but just across it.  

For a recurves, subtract 4" from your recurves AMO length, and 3" from your longbows AMO length.  

The majority of time, this will be the correct length.  If your brace height is not quite right, you may twist or untwist the string to bring the brace heigth to the correct spec.  

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